What do you need to get into the super yacht industry

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Old or new, superyachts must be maintained and operated in top condition. Changes in insurance policies and international and national maritime laws make it mandatory for professional crew members to be fully qualified for their positions. If you have the appropriate attitude and ability to operate and maintain these luxury vessels you can be assured of rapid placement.
Depending upon the size of the yacht, the most common crew positions are:

  • Captain
  • First / Chief Officer
  • Mate / Bosun
  • Deckhand
  • Chief Engineer / 2nd Engineer
  • Chief Steward/ess / Purser
  • Junior Steward/ess
  • Chef
  • Sous Chef / Crew Cook / Cook-Stew

So what about qualifications what do I need and how do I get them. Well with the increase in yachts there is also now and increase in staff/crew available so getting your foot in the door is a lot harder.
Yes knowing someone is always a good start but its no longer enough, both owners and insurance companies are requiring even level entry crew positions to have relevant qualification and the most sort after is the RYA Yachtmaster along with STCW,PPR and RYA Power Boat Level 2. These will provide you with the necessary skills to become a useful and hire-able staff member on most super yachts and skippers on charter boats.

The RYA Yachtmaster has become the bench mark for all training and over the last 30+ years has proven to provide top quality crew and skippers.

So how do you get this certificate, you will have to under take a number of training modules both in the classroom and on the water and depending on what level you already have will determine where you start.

Starting from the beginning there are 3 practical course and 2 theory courses for the boat training side and then the STCW and Powerboat Level 2 are another 7 days. Sunshine Sailing Australia offer all these courses and can be undertaken in a “Fast Track” program or over a number of months. Up finishing your training and obtaining the required sea time you can then go for the final external exam.


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