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Sunshine Sailing Australia is your premier sailing school nestled on the stunning Sunshine Coast, a jewel within the greater Brisbane area. We specialise in providing top-tier RYA (Royal Yachting Association) training on both catamarans and monohulls, tailored for sea adventurers of all skill levels. You can even earn your International Certificate of Competency along the way. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading sail training & yachting experience providers, our sailing lessons are taught in the classroom and on the waters around Mooloolaba, the Gold Coast, the Whitsundays Islands and Brisbane.

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Whether you dream of chartering a boat or owning one for coastal & world sailing, our specialised sailing courses at Sunshine Sailing Australia provide the knowledge & skills you need. Unlock the freedom to sail to breathtaking destinations and explore new horizons from the sea.

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Our specialised sailing courses at Sunshine Sailing Australia equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to secure employment on a ship, allowing you to discover new places & embark on global adventures. Let us guide you on your journey to success.

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Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills or embark on a new adventure, we can help you find the perfect sailing course at Sunshine Sailing Australia. Explore our range of courses tailored to your needs and let us guide you towards your next maritime milestone.


Achieve Excellence with
RYA Sailing Courses

Unlock the potential of your sailing journey with our RYA sailing courses. As a Yachting Australia (YA) and Royal Yachting Association (RYA) recognised teaching establishment, we meet and exceed the strict guidelines for conducting both sailing and power courses. Our power vessels, yachts, dinghies, instructors, and safety protocols adhere to the highest standards, ensuring you receive the best training possible. Whether you’re aiming for coastal sailing or world sailing, our expert team is here to help you find the perfect course or program tailored to your goals.

Experience Premier Sailing Locations with Us

Discover the best sailing training at Learn2Sail, where clients from overseas, Melbourne, and Sydney come to experience our exceptional lessons. Our RYA sailing courses are conducted in stunning locations such as the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Whitsundays Islands. Learn to sail in some of Australia’s most beautiful waters, renowned for their breathtaking scenery and ideal sailing conditions. Whether you’re a local or visiting from afar, our top-tier instruction and picturesque settings provide the ultimate sailing education.

What our past students have to say!

5-star-review-sailing school - learn to sail Australia Yachting

I am signed up for the Yachtmaster Fast Track and have just completed 2 x 6 days sailing from Brisbane to Yeppoon then Yeppoon to Hamilton Island (Competent Crew & Mile Builder). I have had a fantastic time and can’t wait for the start of my next course in a couple of weeks. Our instructor Finn has been great – very patient, calm and an excellent teacher. I knew it would be fun but the last two weeks have surpassed my expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending Sunshine Sailing School.


5-star-review-sailing school - learn to sail Australia Yachting

Last month we completed our Competent Crew onboard Giddy Up out of Newport. Our Captain, Peter, was excellent in guiding us through our course and showed excellent knowledge of sailing and of Moreton Bay. We had the added advantage of welcoming Will onboard and he was equally helpful and answered any questions the crew had. We completed two night sails and a pilotage up the Brisbane River which was amazing. Our growth and confidence over the 5 days has encouraged us to get ready for our Day Skipper Course. Thanks to Rachael and Dave for facilitating and going above and beyond to ensure our experience was a great one!



5-star-review-sailing school - learn to sail Australia Yachting

What an experience!
We did the competent crew course with Pete and had an absolute blast..
The boat was great to learn on very comfortable and Pete was a phenomenal instructor and a bottomless well of knowledge..
I highly recommend anyone wanting go from absolute novice ( as I am) to feeling useful on a boat to give this course a go..



5-star-review-sailing school - learn to sail Australia Yachting

Great sailing school! Did a RYA Fast track up to Coastal Skipper and feel I’ve gained relevant and useful skill for safe and fun sailing. John and Carl and the team of instructors are very helpful in helping out toward your success and getting confidence in your theoretical and practical skill. Would do again in an heartbeat.


5-star-review-sailing school - learn to sail Australia Yachting

Undertook the Day Skipper course from Maloolaba to Yeppoon with Peter as our skipper and had a very informative and great learning experience. The course gave us the opportunity to undertake 24 hours of night sailing under an extremely competent skipper to become familiar with what is expected and required. We also experienced sailing in fog which was invaluable as it removed the fear factor of the unknown. Overall it was a very well run course that provided a good foundation for the more difficult aspects of sailing which all sailors should be comfortable with.


5-star-review-sailing school - learn to sail Australia Yachting

Went sailing with these guys. Can’t praise them enough. Incredibly helpful, friendly and accommodating. Unfortunately I felt a little sea sick and they were totally understanding, with lots of helpful tips.
I was only on a one day sail, but they were keen to get me learning asap.
Give them a try, I’m sure you won’t regret it!



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