This Marine First Aid course is mandatory for racing yachtsmen and highly recommended for all who venture offshore under power or sail.

Most yachtsmen and women undertake basic first aid training as a precaution against the inevitable accidents at sea. But we are only taught how to stabilize a patient until the ambulance arrives, usually within 11 minutes for accidents ashore.

At sea, using Radio Medical, the response time for a medivac is 3 hours.

Our course is an online pre-learning, plus one full day of quality instruction.

What will I learn?

  • Marine specific injuries
  • improvised medical techniques in a marine environment
  • Injections and how to give them
  • Radio medical protocols & medical kit recommendations
  • CPR in a marine environment
  • Severe burns & bleeding, how to suture wounds
  • Patient evacuation by helicopter & marine rescue
  • Bone & crush injuries; concussion
  • Hypothermia treatment and much more
  • This course builds on your basic first aid training
  • Ideal for revalidation of your existing qualification

Marine Medical Training

The training is conducted by wilderness trainers

  • First Aid Certificates valid for 3 years
  • Expedition Medicine Module – Marine Medicine
  • Marine Medicine (partial completion)
  • Ideal training for the remote (marine) workplace

What do I bring?

Note pad and pen, lunch and little lunch; payment by cheque or cash.

Where are courses held?

Course are run at Mooloolaba, QLD, starting at 9:00am and running to 5:00pm.


Marine First Aid



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