How to Find Us

Our Office is located at the Mooloolaba Marina, 33-45 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.


It is highly recommended that you take out a travel insurance policy for the sailing trips you have booked and paid for to safeguard yourself in the case of cancellation for any reason; including but not limited to, adverse weather, lack of students, health reasons and COVID-19, vessel breakdown, breakages, itinerary change or instructor illness. Minimum insurance cover should be considered for flights, accommodation and personal health.


As the weather is outside anyone’s control, it is at the skipper/instructor’s discretion as to whether the vessel will be operated at any time. While we wish to get you the maximum sailing time and complete the program, we value your safety and will stay in a safe haven until it is deemed safe to leave. If the weather conditions cause any inconvenience or time issues SSA shall incur no further liability.


Sunshine Sailing Australia has a zero tolerance policy for any and all discrimination, aggression or violence towards our staff or clients. Anyone engaging in such behaviour as deemed by the instructor or SSA staff will be asked to leave the course immediately.

Alcohol Policy

Sunshine Sailing Australia acknowledges that an ice cold beverage on the back deck with a beautiful sunset is all a part of the yachting dream. As such, you are welcome to bring along a beverage or two to enjoy of your own free will once we are secured to our berth, mooring or anchorage for the night. However, you must at all times during the course remain under the legal limit to drive a vehicle. It is illegal to master a vessel over the legal limit, and any person on board may need to take charge of the vessel in the unlikely event of an emergency. There may be some evenings where a night sail is planned, or an early morning start is planned as a part of the course syllabus, in these circumstances there will be no alcohol consumed as all sail training must occur with a clear head and a focus on safety as the number one priority. 


You agree to advise SSA of any medical disability or illness, which may affect the ability to participate in the program that you have chosen prior to the commencement. It shall be at the discretion of SSA to refuse you where there is an unacceptable risk as assessed by SSA or it’s representatives at any stage or at the time.


We recommend taking out travel insurance to cover you against any impacts of  COVID-19 on your ability to attend a course. If you are required to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19 infection and that interferes with your course dates, we will not be able to provide a credit unless we are able to fill your spot at short notice. Therefore, you may like to have insurance in place to cover you against this unlikely, but unfortunate event.

While it is highly unlikely, in the event that we need to reschedule a course due to COVID-19 affecting out ability to run a course for any reason, we will reschedule your course at no cost. The health and safety of our clients and staff is our top priority. We we will not be liable for any additional costs born out of needing to reschedule the course.


GST is included in all prices.
Payment can be made via:

  • Online as mentioned in the 1st paragraph of this document.
  • Cash, (drop in and say hi).
  • Direct to the SSA bank account: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    Account: Sunshine Sailing Australia Pty Ltd
    BSB: 064 466 Account Number: 1016 9483
    Swift Code: CTBAAU2S
  • Credit Card with an additional 2.2% surcharge, (over the phone, email or by person).

All Courses, DO NOT BRING

  • Hard suitcase
  • Hard briefcase
  • High heels
  • Black soled or marking shoes
  • Red wine
  • Any type of bag with wheels

What to bring

Dinghy Courses

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, shoulder covered shirt, shorts or wetsuit, warm jumper and/or spray jacket.
  • Change of clothes, towel. Hot showers and toilets available
  • Foot wear that you don’t mind getting wet.
  • Snack, lunch and bottled water sufficient for the day.
  • Life vest will be provided.

Day only programs please bring:

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, sailing gloves, shoulder covered shirt, shorts or flexible slacks, warm jumper and spray jacket.
  • Deck shoes or shoes with white soles – that don’t mark. No black or dark soled shoes please!
  • Any personal requirements or medications.
  • Snack and bottled water sufficient for the duration of the trip.
  • All safety gear will be provided.
  • All contained in a small soft bag. No hard bags/cases/wheels!

For Overnight programs, please bring: (Overnight sailing courses and adventures)

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, sailing gloves, shoulder covered shirt, shorts or flexible lacks, warm clothes and spray jackets.
  • Your best pillow and bedding (eg: sleeping bag, sheet or blanket).
  • Deck shoes or shoes with white soles – that doesn’t mark. No black or dark soled shoes please!  Any personal requirements or medications.
  • Several changes of clothing
  • Toiletries, camera, towel and swimmers.
  • All contained in a small soft bag. No hard bags/cases/wheels!
  • Food and drink whilst onboard will be supplied. In this modern-day world of food, there are many and varied diets and dietary requirements. SSA is not a catering company or a restaurant, we will cater for the many dietary needs as best we can but will not guarantee we will meet your specific needs, therefore, if you have any particular needs, please cater for these yourself.
  • All safety gear will be provided.

For Shorebased courses please bring;

  • Navigational instruments such as, Bretton plotter or similar, roller rule, parallel rules, dividers and pencil compass
  • 2B pencils, sharpener, pens, erasers
  • Notepaper
  • Calculator
  • Any drinks, lunch and snacks
  • You will be provided with all books, tables along with sample charts and publications that would be typically used on offshore passages. We also have some great publications available for purchase.

Recommended Local Accommodation

There are many accommodation options from backpacker through to 6 stars.
Options very close by are;
or go to this website for more,


Cancelling with less than 30 days notice

In the unlikely circumstance that you need to cancel your course with less than 30 days notice, we will make every effort to fill your place on the course, but you remain liable for the full amount. If we are able to fill your place we will transfer your booking to another available date within six months at your request, and an additional administration charge of $165 will be payable. If you are not able to transfer to another course starting within 6 months of your original course start date, you will forfeit the funds paid.

Cancelling with more than 30 days notice

We will happily hold your payments made for 6 months so you can reschedule to another date, after 6 months you will forfeit your funds paid. There is a $165 administration charge added for date changes of confirmed bookings.

After the start of a program

If you start a program, but need to leave the program before the scheduled end date and time for whatever reason, no refunds will be given.

Cancellation by Sunshine Sailing Australia

If Sunshine Sailing Australia cancels a program for any reason, we will provide you with a credit to use on another course and/or date. Any refunds are provided at the discretion of Sunshine Sailing Australia on a case by case basis.

Liability Waiver and Release

You accept all responsibility, absolutely, at your own risk.

In Consideration of Sunshine Sailing Australia (“SSA”) accepting your application and involvement, you agree to this release of claims, waiver of liability and assumption of risks (collectively, this agreement).

You waive any and all claims you may have now and in the future against SSA, and release from all liability and agree not to sue SSA and their officers, employees, guides, agents or representatives and family members associated with the company, for any personal injury, death, property damage, or loss sustained by you as a result of your request, course attendance or any other engagement with SSA.

You are aware that SSA’s Sailing Programs and training courses, in addition to usual dangers and risk inherent has the additional dangers and risk some of which may include: physical exertion for which you may not be prepared, weather conditions subject to sudden and unexpected change, remoteness to normal medical services and evacuation services if you are disabled.

You accept all the inherent risks of the proposed Sailing Program/training courses and possible injury, property damage or loss resulting there from. You acknowledge that the enjoyment and excitement of sailing is derived in part from the inherent risks incurred by sailing and activity beyond the accepted safety of life at home or work and that these inherent risks contribute to such enjoyment and excitement, being reason for your application and involvement. You agree that if you suffer injury or illness SSA can, at your cost, arrange medical treatment and emergency evacuation service, as they deem essential for your safety.

In entering into this agreement, you are not relying on any oral, written or visual representatives or statements by SSA or its staff or any other inducement or coercion to go on the Sailing Program or training course, hence, only of your own free will. You confirm that you are over 18 years of age and that you have read and understood this agreement by paying your deposit and agree that this agreement will be binding upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and successors. You agree that this agreement shall be governed in all aspects and interpreted with the law of Queensland.

You acknowledge by participating in any of Sunshine Sailing Australia sailing courses, activities and programs, you accept this waiver absolutely.