Training & Exam
$ 249 ONLINE
  • Beginner


Training & Exam
$ 249 ONLINE
  • Beginner
By law a ship’s station (HF or VHF) should only be operated by a person holding a current Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency. Most Australian Offshore races requires at least two members of the crew to hold this qualification. This training may even save your life and the lives of your crew or family. The Sunshine Coast Sailing & Marine Academy will be conducting an Australian Communications Authority Marine Operators Course and Examination.

What will I learn?

  • How to send distress and urgency communications
  • How to access the internet via HF phone
  • Satellite communications from your vessel
  • Accessing the Weather Bureau information and WeatherFax via HF radio
  • Battery maintenance and marine electrical systems simplified
  • Digital Select Calling (DSC) for VHF and HF
  • How the EPIRB works
  • Search and rescue systems globally as part of GMDSS
  • Inmarsat systems and equipment

How is the course held?

The HF course is a self-paced e-learning course. It takes 6 hours to study the course.
The virtual assessment is booked through an online calendar inside the course. The assessment includes 50 online multiple-choice questions, and a practical component, which will go through calls, radio checks, distress and the radio controls to ensure an understanding of the context in the license will be used in.
The license is issued by the Office of Maritime Communications (OMC) and is recognized by AMSA in Australia and internationally. The HF license is called the LROCP.
When you book your virtual assessment, there is a fee of $100 for the assessment, payable to our training and assessment partners, Above and Beyond Boating at the time of booking.
The LROCP does not expire. The OMC charges an $89 fee for the license, which is paid directly to them. You are provided with the details of how to make that payment when it is due. This is not payable until after you have scheduled your virtual assessment.

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