The Australian Sailing Safety & Sea Survival Course (SSSC) is critical for skippers and crew wanting to acquire or update survival skills, especially those seeking to obtain their basic sea survival for small craft.

This two day intensive course is designed to equip all offshore sailors with the skills to survive in the event of vessel abandonment or the more likely event of falling overboard. This training has been developed by a very experienced panel of offshore sailors who have a life time of sailing offshore with experience in both hemispheres and in both the Antarctic and Arctic waters.

Whilst the focus is on the practical aspects of survival, the need to develop a culture of safety on board cruising and racing yachts, both mono hull and multihull, is to the fore of this weekend course.

“From the evidence of the survivors of the yacht ‘WINSTON CHURCHILL’ and the tests conducted by the NSW Water Police… it is indisputable that trained crew have a greater likelihood of survival than untrained crew” Coroner Abernathy-Inquest Into the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

What will I learn?

  • How to use a Life Raft
  • How to Survive in the Water
  • Helicopter Rescue Drills
  • Practical Use of Flares
  • Meteorology for Sailors
  • Damage Control
  • Heavy Weather Seamanship
  • Fire Fighting Techniques, and More

Instructors with experience makes all the difference!

  • 14 Sydney to Hobart Races including 1977, 1984 & 1998
  • 32 ORC/AYF Category O/One Races including the Fastnet, 96/97 Around the World and Melbourne to Osaka yacht race
  • 29 YA Category Two Races
  • Four Dismastings – a Fire at Sea – Long Distance Jury Rig experience
  • Medical Emergencies – Working Maydays in Small Boats Far Offshore
  • Extensive Southern Ocean Sail Experience including Antarctica & Cape Horn
  • Experienced on Square Riggers, Multihull Yachts & Monohulls
  • Commercial Maritime Qualifications, Sail Endorsed
  • Certified Assessors & Workplace Trainers and AYF Sea Survival Instructors

What do I bring?

RYA log book (if you have one), change of clothes wet drill (jeans & jumper/overalls), Offshore wet weather gear including sea boots (if you have them), PFD 1 life jacket with crutch strap (these can be hired ), Safety harness with crutch strap and tether, Sun protection, Footwear (closed) for flare drills (deck shoes or sea boots – NO sandals or thongs), Sailing gloves, note pad and pen, clipboard.


Safety and Sea Survival Course



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