Two Courses in One!

1. Rope Work

This course is about literally learning the ropes!

We will teach you about different types of ropes and their uses. We will look at how to whip the ends using different methods to avoid fraying. We also look at splicing 3-strand nylon so that you can start making your own mooring lines. We will also splice Dyneema and teaching how to make a soft shackle for you to take home

Specific Topics Covered:


  • Types of ropes and their preferred uses

  • Rope strength and workloads

  • D/D ratios and impact on rope strength


  • Whipping ends to avoid fraying, including backsplicing

  • Splicing eyes on nylon ropes, handy for mooring and anchoring lines

  • Splice Dyneema and Spectra

  • How to make soft shackles (you get to make one to take home)


  • None


  • All provided


2. Marine Electrics

Electrics are now an unavoidable part of boating life and it is one of the most intimidating systems on a vessel. How about we unveil marine electrics so you can feel more confident on the water?

By the end of the course, you will gain an understanding of 12/24v marine electrical system covering basic systems, two battery bank system, types of batteries, and charging. It also includes some practical skills such as wire stripping, splicing, crimping and a go at soldering.

Specific Topics Covered:


  • Watts/Amps/Volts/Ohms

  • How Batteries Work

  • Types of Batteries

  • Wire size and length

  • Basic circuits: switches and fuses

  • Two battery bank system

  • Charging: alternators, battery chargers

  • Inverters


  • Measuring voltage and resistance using a multimeter

  • Cutting and stripping wires

  • Crimping connection terminals

  • Demonstration of soldering and splicing wires


  • None




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