Cruising/Racing Yacht – Beneteau First 44.7

Our 2006 Beneteau First 44.7 is the monohull vessel in our fleet. She has proven to be the perfect sail training vessel combining comfort with performance. Her unique strong yet light build means she performs well in all weather and sea conditions and beating to wind is easy and fast meaning you get where you want to go on time (if not before). Fitted with both self tacking and traditional head sails you get to experience all aspects of modern sailing and the addition of a foil and fuller means we are able to train both the cruiser and the racer. Her sail wardrobe also consists of two symmetric spinnaker (mast head and Hounds) and a Asymmetric.. Below she is well appointed with 3 large double cabins with seven separated bunks, a large saloon and galley providing comfort not usually seen on a sail training vessel. The clean and easy to use nav station has all the toys to help advance your training and the meticulous cleaning/maintenance schedule she has means she is in tip top condition for your adventure.

Cruising Catamaran – Lagoon 380

Our stunning 2004 Lagoon 380 is the catamaran training vessel in our fleet. The Lagoon’s are a luxury cruising catamaran and the Lagoon 380 is the most wide selling and successful production catamaran model ever built. Her fully battened mainsail, sleek design and well appointed interior provides a great balance between comfort and cruising performance while undertaking sail training. Her mix of comfort below decks, indoor and outdoor seating, and well matched sail plan and sea-going characteristics provides the perfect training vessel for anyone dreaming of buying or chartering catamarans in the future. The open plan fully covered cockpit, natural airflow and four roomy double cabins provides plenty of space onboard.

Keel Boats – J24

Our main vessel for Keelboat training is the J24 . Whether you are aged 16 to 80, no matter what your style: racing, daysailing or cruising. Her flared topsides make her dry on deck.

Her “weekender” cabin makes it possible to get warm on cold days and she can be sailed easily by two people. A combination of head sails and spinnaker means we can take you through all aspects of sailing with out getting wet.

While some of the world’s best sailors have the latest version J24, our well-maintained 1988 model, built to the same shape and weight with rigid end-grained balsa core construction still performs well and is a great training platform

The International J24 is built in the USA, Japan, Argentina and Italy and has more than 50,000 people sailing 5,300 boats in 150 fleets in 40 countries.
Get in on the fun and find out why J24 is still one of the world’s most popular sailboats.

Dinghy Fleet: Vagabond 14

The Vagabond Dinghy is the sailing dinghy of choice for learning at Sunshine Sailing Australia. With a combined sail area of 9.9 square metres (107 square feet) and 110kgs of hull weight ensuring a stable and upright boat in all conditions with the added protection of reefing the mainsail if necessary.

The boats even have comfortable sit in seats ensuring there is no risk of falling overboard and without the need for crawling around on your knees making the Vagabond a perfect option for all ages and families. The optimum crew for this boat class is three people, though the boats can easily handle three, four or even five kids.

Used for our more advanced keel boat training these modern, dynamic, high stability, International One Design 6 metre keelboats are ideal for use in , keelboat training providing a platform to fine tune those racing skills. Fitted with large mains, small jibs and Asymmetric spinnakers this training platform provides a fast paced exciting ride.