The single most important reason to use radar plotting is for collision avoidance. To determine if a target is on a collision course with your vessel or not, radar is a great asset. By the end of the RYA Radar course you will be able to determine the course and speed of an approaching vessel, estimate the time and distance a vessel will pass and the appropriate action to take according to the Rules of The Road.

The RYA Radar course is to give an understanding of the use of radar in small boats as an aid to navigation and for collision avoidance.

What will I learn?

  • Basic Understanding
  • Radar wave and propagation
  • Conditions giving rise to propagation
  • Radar set components
  • Function
  • Correct use of controls
  • Setting up procedure
  • Target definition and discrimination
  • Spot size, pulse strength, beam width
  • Target characteristics, size, shape and material
  • False echoes
  • Shadow sectors
  • Shadow diagram
  • Radar reflectors
  • Passive
  • Active
  • Target characteristics, shape
  • Target characteristics, material

What do I bring?

RYA and YA Log books. Colour passport size photograph. Note pad and pen, lunch and little lunch.

On satisfactory completion you will be issued with your Radar Operator’s certificate. The course includes Handbook, notes, practical sessions, exam and coffee. Run by Ocean Boardroom.

1-Day Course

FROM $395

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